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Metering Cylinder Type DZ 6 P

with potentiometer

Quantity is determined through potentiometering, moved by float and float rod, quantity preselection at the switch cabinet, automatic rinsing after each cycle.

Type DZ P for max. 4 low viscous liquids e.g. chemical additives. Type DZ PF for max. 6 high viscous liquids e.g. colour suspension.

Technical data:

  • Metering accuracy ± 1% of max. volume
  • Viscosity max. 1000 cp for Type DZ..P
  • Viscosity max. 3000 cp for Type DZ..PF
  • ph-value 5-9 / Temperature up to 60 °C
Pilot valve  230 V AC o. 24 V DC
Potentiometer  2000 Ohm
Double potentiometer  2 x 2000 Ohm



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